BlueStacks Error 25000

BlueStacks is the error free Android emulator to play mobile games on desktop or PC. The program runs flawlessly across all version of Windows including – Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Surface devices. But sometimes it might face some problem too and this article is all about how to fix the problem if you counter them during installation.

BlueStacks Installation Failed

BlueStacks Installation Failed. Error: 25000

Error 25000. BlueStacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphics card. It is possible your Graphics Drivers may need to be updated. Please update them and try installing again.

Reason for BlueStacks Error 25000

Some of the common reason for BlueStacks error are discussed below –

  • The error message directly blames the problem towards old version of graphics driver or primitive hardware model. So if you are having a very old computer which is just as old as your president chances are you might not be able to install BlueStacks to it ever.
  • But if your Graphics card or motherboard (Some motherboards have embedded graphics to their module) is not that old you should rush to the OEM manufacturers website and check for software updates available for your Graphics card.
  • Sometimes the problem is also found to be associated with OpenGL protocols. If you do not updated your operating system (Still running Windows 98/2000/Me) long enough chances are it is too old to support Android emulations. Upgrade your OS to windows 7 or 8 to avoid similar problems.

Note – Check you Graphics Card Model here.

Fix BlueStacks Error 25000

This might sound low end solution but this is what can seriously help you get this problem fixed.

  1. Run Windows Update and download all availabale updates
  2. Do NOT use Windows Update if you have “not-legal” windows version
  3. Open your motherboard OEM website and look for updates
  4. Download and Install them all
  5. If you have installed an additional Graphics card; update the drivers
  6. Finally update your laptop/PC BIO firmware and processor drivers
  7. Restart when done and try installing BlueStacks again.

Still Stuck?

If you are still unable to install BlueStacks and get stuck with Error 25000, chances are your graphics card is too old to support this program. You can add an extra graphics card to your device (check with your device manufacturer if you can upgrade your notebook) which will definitely solve this problem. You can also check out out list of popular BlueStacks Alternative.

Know any other quick and easy fix for this problem? Do let us know and share your valuable comments.

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  1. After almost the whole day of struggling with bluestacks, this youtube page saved my day:

    The version of bluestacks to use is here:

    Hope this helps someone. Post all other places that you can.

  2. John Flanagan says:

    If you still have the graphics driver problem, you might be want to try to skip the graphics driver check found on this article BlueStacks Error: Your Graphics Drivers seem to be out-of-date.

    – First you need BlueStacks App Player Offline Installer
    – Go to “Registry Editor” (Start > Run > type “regedit”)
    – Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android\Config”
    – Create a new DWORD value by right click on the right panel and choose “DWORD Value”
    – Rename DWORD Value name to “SkipGraphicsDriverCheck” and change the value “1” by double click it.
    – Try to install the BlueStacks App Player again.

    • Gashakamba says:

      This solution works like charm. Thanks for the help. I had been looking for a solution like this for ages.
      Bless u!

  3. You need 32 Bit Color not 16 Bit !!!

    Bei Windows 7 und Haswell CPU mit aktivierter CPU-Grafik lag es an der Farbtiefeneinstellung:

    Mit 16 Bit Farbtiefe funktioniert es nicht, es muss unbedingt auf 32 Bit Farbtiefe eingestellt sein.


    Dann im Pull-Down Menü (Farbtiefe) “True Color (32 Bit)” auswählen.

    Ich bin drauf gekommen, weil ein anderes Programm bei der Installation gemeckert hat, dass ich auf 32 Bit Farbtiefe umstellen soll.

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